girl, here is your sign

we moved into our new house this past weekend.

Besides moving being one of life’s more stressful activities (with small children + final weeks of pregnancy adding a special 🤯💀on top), i spent most of it caught between feeling like i was doing too much physically and frustrated that i couldn’t do more. (And then I ended up in the hospital due to dehydration and stress, so the verdict is clear which side I was on).

Yet as I drove “home” to our new house the other night for our 1st sleep as a family, I was feeling disconnected. Just kind of blah + cold, which felt odd since it was something I had dreamt of for so long. •

And then THIS appeared.
The most beautiful rainbow I have ever witnessed, a street over from our new home.

I couldn’t look at it without crying.

And I thought, girl, here is your sign. 
To come back to the present.
To exhale stress + breathe in gratitude 
and realize all is well +
All will be well.

Do you realize that 
We are supported + held every moment 
of every day.
If we choose to link arms with the beauty + nature around us?

How has the Universe been showing you signs lately? 
I’d love to hear


Bri McCorkellComment