birthday suit

In honor of my 37th turn around the sun, I've decided to OWN IT.

Own my body. My scars. My beliefs. My dreams. Who I am at this moment in time.

Here's what I know for sure (as best as I can describe bc this little one is taking A LOT of my mental + physical energy) -🌿women's bodies are a true wonder -🌿you teach people how to treat you -🌿the times that bring you to your knees bring you closer to your truth + to God -🌿8 glasses of water a day heals a lot of things -🌿you are worthy of your deepest dreams + desires -🌿what is meant for you cannot pass you by -🌿if you don't like something, you can change it -🌿the more you know, the less you require -🌿you deserve to be having really good sex -🌿what we put in and on our bodies matters -🌿no one is responsible for making you feel whole besides YOU -🌿the outside stuff you think will fill you (booze, drugs, material things), never really does. they are an illusion, and often leave you feeling more empty than before -🌿our children are here to be our teachers, showing us where we can grow + how to LIVE in the present moment -🌿the soul is the same in all living creatures. how we treat animals + other beings is how we treat + view life -🌿getting older can be the SHIT, if we choose to view it that way.

To be continued as life drops more wisdom! ......

What are the things that you know for sure? 

I'd love to hear your life truths.

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