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Hello lovely.

My name is Bri McCorkell, and I'm on a mission to show you how to build a life + business that you love.

A life + Business that are true to you!

I discovered {not all that long ago} that my true purpose is showing women like you that they are capable of following their heart and becoming the person they’ve always desired to be.

I am blessed to have a life and business that i love... but the life I live today is a far cry from the one i was living before.

Despite having a solid career as a school psychologist {a job that paid the bills and allowed me to share some of my talents}, my work + my lifestyle were causing me some serious emotional distress. I often found myself crying in the car after I dropped off my son at daycare, gulping down wine each night to "calm" my nerves & worrying about my floundering health {enter immune disorder}.

i was on the hamster wheel of life - the one that so many women find themselves on - and i wanted off. {can you feel me?}

I had this feeling deep within my gut that I was meant for greater things... that I was made to serve lots of people in BIG ways.



I wanted REAL... GENUINE... raw... AWESOME...

I wanted to generate great success, share my true self with the world, AND be the present mother I knew I could be. 

So I started... with a lot of uncertainty, imperfection, and chaos, I started to build a life off the hamster wheel. 

It started with a network marketing business, and then became the coaching and speaking business I get to run today. 

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Here I am, mama... 

Living the friggin' dream of serving and empowering women {from home, on my own schedule, being with my son and daughter each day}. 

Don't get me wrong, life isn't all sunshine and rainbows {check out my instagram for totally honest views of being a full-time mama + business owner}, but...

I'd choose this kind of life over the one I used to live any day. 

and now...

it's your turn.

If it was possible for me, it’s possible for you {and it's an honor to show you the way}.

When we consciously choose to invest in our dreams, we invest in the dreams of others.


image credit to Kate Donovan Photography @kate_donovan_photography

image credit to Kate Donovan Photography @kate_donovan_photography

Bri McCorkell is an intuitive life coach & healer who helps women all around the globe discover their inner worth & build a life and business that they absolutely LOVE. 

One day, when dropping her son off at daycare and crying in the car for the life she truly craved, she decided to step into her innate worth, stop apologizing for wanting more, and start building a business that empowered women to have the lives they dreamt of. Today, Bri gives women the tools they need to discover what they would love and align their realities with it. 

She has a MA and CAS in School Psychology and Counseling and a B.A in Communication, Psychology and Spanish from Fairfield University. Bri lives with her husband Rory, their son Holden, daughter June and a menagerie of pets in Newburyport, Massachusetts.