honor your own season

instead of bursting with new energy, creativity, ideas and projects like i typically do 
come spring, 
I’ve had an urge to slow down.

to be quiet. 
be alone. 
to sit on my new land
to stop
and simply BE.
(which sounds chill but has felt really hard. Anyone else a generator, creator, go-getter?)

Sometimes when we are asked to surrender
to trust
to let life guide us. 
we buck
we resist
we try to force our own way of doing life
instead of going with the flow.

And while we don’t always know what’s on the other side of our shifts
I do know that honoring these urges is the key to welcoming in what’s next for us.

And while it can feel a bit scary, 
to honor something unfamiliar
and go against the norm
to not do as we’ve always done
when we do 

we just may end up
floating gracefully towards
our deeper purpose 
towards something BIG

how are you honoring your own way of doing things? ✨🌳
I’d love to hear 💕
xx Bri

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