Ghosted in my Sobriety

Friendships are falling away because of my sobriety.

Isn't that interesting?

Tell people you've quit smoking and they congratulate you on choosing your health. Tell people you're off drugs and clean and they celebrate you as warrior.

Tell people you're choosing to no longer drink alcohol? 

Well they just don't know what to do with you. You make them uncomfortable.

Maybe they think you now see yourself as superior, as holier-than-though because you are sober. Maybe they just wish you'd be like everyone else, follow whatever the group is doing. Maybe they prefer the old version of you; the one that made them feel comfortable + safe. Maybe your choice brings up their own uneasiness and doubt around their own drinking.

Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter.

YOU + your truth matter. And you are not alone. .

Have you ever made a brave + scary choice that was truly to better your life, only to find that they people you love to be less than supportive? Some no longer coming around or including you?

I'd love to hear, and extend my friendship to YOU. 
xx Bri .

Bri McCorkell