How to Reclaim Your WILD {a blog series}


some people say I've changed.

and whether it's because of my newfound sobriety

or the tattoos of my babies names now found on my body

or the grounded authenticity of my dialogue

or my giving way less foxes...

I agree. 

And you, you are changing too, love. Growing, expanding, evolving. 

We are coming into a new age. 

A time of expansion, a rise in consciousness, an opportunity to step into your gifts deeper than ever before. 

Can you feel it? 

I believe that when you commit to doing the inner work

the real, shit work.

feeling your feelings

healing old wounds

forgiving those who have hurt you

truly seeing those who you disagree with in love

honoring your inner voice

detaching from the outcome...


You truly transform. 

But I don't believe that you are becoming "new" versions of you.

No, quite the contrary.


I believe you are stripping away the fake shit. The ego.

Dropping the protective armor that you've covered yourself in since you were a little girl.

hid your heart + joy + vulnerability under because of past trauma, old wounds, people telling you who you should be and what you should feel like.

But the dawn has come.

We are now choosing... RISING...Into who we truly ARE. Who we've been all along.

And I am right here. By your side.

Who do you know yourself to truly be, sister? 

What would you LOVE to bring forth into the world? 

What do you need for support?

Your literal wing life + biz wing woman,

xx Bri

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