The best spiritual investment I've ever made (and how you can, too)

Imagine you woke up in a magical land of peace, gentleness, love and understanding. Where you spend most of your days doing only what feels good, nurturing your physical, emotional + spiritual body.  Where you discover what's been holding you back from the life that you would love. Where you receive the nourishment, support and healing that your soul has been calling out for. Where you feel completely at peace. 

Friends, I have just returned from such an experience. I spent the last week off the grid swimming with wild dolphins, in the crystal clear turquoise water, surrounded by conscious and loving humans.


Just for me. 

The best spiritual investment I've ever made in my 36 years. 

On the first day of our retreat, our leader Amlas shared the itinerary for the week. As she described the days to come as a blend of meditation, swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling beautiful reefs, sailing the expansive ocean, and deep healing, I began to WEEP.

Not tears of sadness. But tears of pure joy. Tears of immense gratitude. Bewildered by the opportunity to spend an entire week solely caring for ME.

Not my husband, not my children, not my pets, not my house, not my business.


As a biz owning working mama of littles, there are a MILLION reasons why we "shouldn't" go on a retreat. Logical reasons. Financial excuses. Guilt reasons. The loudest one screaming, "Be realistic, girl. Who do you think you are taking this trip + leaving your children + going off the grid from your biz?" Oh yes, that voice can be quite strong. You feel me, mama?

But here's the thing. 


So worthy of the time. Space. Freedom. To be US. To only take care of us. To do whatever we'd LOVE, whatever we are craving, whatever we need to recharge our batteries so we can continue to share our gifts with the world. Can you receive that, mama? 

Whether it's an hour sitting alone in your car gazing at the ocean or a full weekend getaway, I want you to decide what type of retreat would fill your cup. Simply decide what you'd love. Write it down. Say it out loud. I.e. "I would love to love + honor myself by taking ____ amount of time and going to ____." Then allow the abundant energy to dance around your heart and watch the ideas + inspiration start to flow.


Feeling unsure of what your personal retreat could look like? Need help creating time for yourself? I have a free gift on my website that can help you. Check it out at

There is magic waiting for you, love. Big magic. And you are so worthy.