Meditation + McDonald's: How to balance your spiritual side with real life shit

Do you hear the word "meditation" and immediately think any of the following? 

  • Isn't that something only Buddhists and/or hippie weirdos do?

  • It's impossible as I can't quiet my mind.

  • I'm not religious so meditation won't work for me.

  • I've tried it (and liked it) but I don't talk about it as my group of friends would think I was strange.

A few years ago, I believed ALL of the above about meditation. Every single one was something I thought or said out loud. 

Fast forward to today, and 20 minutes of meditation is non-negotiable part of my daily routine. Why?

In a nutshell, I've discovered that meditation calms me down, makes me feel good, boosts my immune system and most importantly, allows me to connect with my inner truth, the real me who knows the way towards everything I would love. Meditation is one of the most beneficial and helpful part of my day and seriously I LOVE IT. 

Because contrary to my previous notions, meditation isn't just for the mama sitting next to you in yoga class with long arm pit hair and no bra who skipped deodorant on the way to grab her kale smoothie before class. Sure, there are some days when I resemble the above described women (except for the long pit hair part. That's a non negotiable for this point.) I believe it can be for the mama who on other days, you can find at the McDonald's drive thru, grappling for her sanity as she tosses french fries and apple slices into the backseat at her screaming children while simultaneously chugging a Diet Coke #thatismylife. I believe that this is true for all areas of our lives.

We don't have to pick a side, mamas. It's not one way or another. There's no category or neat little box that we need to fit into in order to do the things that speak to the heart of who we are.

For example, 


  • You may play with healing crystals but roll your eyes at recycling

  • You may strongly advocate for breastfeeding but not give a damn about animal rights

  • You may start your day with quiet prayer but rock out to hardcore gangsta rap in your car

  • You may eat a vegan diet but get spray tans and highlights on the reg

You can be spiritual and real AF, mamas. 



There is a middle way. It's called being true to YOU. Discovering what truly matters to you, no matter how contradictory or jumbled up it may seem. And to me, THAT is as refreshing as a Diet Coke.

xx Bri

P.S. I'd love to know: Is there something that you've been holding yourself back from trying because you didn't feel that it fit neatly into your image of you?

What are some examples of your contrasting parts of you? I.e. meditation + McDonalds.

Let's celebrate our innate differences with a comment here!



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