The one (+ only) spiritual tool you really need

Wouldn’t it be nice, to feel like we KNOW what’s of the highest + best for us to spend our time and energy and LIFE on? To have an inner “guru” that we can connect with + receive guidance from at any time, any moment of our life, whenever we want?

(Insert dramatic drum roll) We do! It’s referred to as our intuition, or as I like to call it, our inner GPS. Some peeps also refer to it as a gut feeling, serendipity, coincidence, first impressions, a hunch, a KNOWING, etc. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the and we have it, sister!

Pre-wired into our beautiful bod is the gift of knowing what’s right for us, what we are meant to do and be in this life. We are receiving information in every moment of every day through our body. We typically find ourselves disconnected from it due to daily responsibilities like kids or jobs that requires us to go-go-go, or just trying to figure out what the F the family’s eating for dinner. The truth is is that we all have access to that intuitive part of us all of the time, and we can CHOOSE to then act in accordance with that intuitive guidance #yaytotheyay!


How many times have we found ourselves up shit’s creek when we didn’t follow our gut? Where something went wrong because despite knowing that something or someone wasn’t right for us, we did it anyway? Ignored that inner knowing + instead chose something else? For years, decades even, I stopped listening to my intuition. Somewhere in my childhood I learned to look to others for validation, prioritized their opinion over mine, did what they thought I should do, listened to that voice that said "What would my family want me to do? What's the safest financial option? What would others think?” And guess where it landed me? Unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, exhausted, angry and resentful. Living a life that was not in alignment with the real me.

But guess what started to happen when I started listening to her again? My biggest vision, my wildest dreams, my true essence in full color, began to unfold! #followthecrumbs.

Want to start tapping into your own inner GPS? Let’s do an activity that will show you how to begin to tap into your intuition, by learning how to ask your body for guidance. I want you to learn how to connect with it, so that you can start to feel it CLEARLY when you really need it:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath in, feeling your breath expand in your rib cage.
  • Exhale
  • Think of a question that’s been on your mind. It doesn’t matter the question, you can ask about anything, big or small, the question will begin with the phrase, “Is it in my highest and best to _____?” For example, is it in my highest + best to be open with my spouse about how I’ve been feeling? Or “is it in my highest + best to devote more time to self care? To ask for the promotion at work?” “To go vegan?”
  • Take a moment and tune in:
  • What is your body saying?
  • What sensations do you feel?
  • Is there a knowing coming thru?
  • Notice any subtle changes, There’s no right or wrong, try not to judge yourself here, this is just play, getting to know yourself + your body.

The next time you go to ask your friend or partner their opinion on something you're grappling with or find yourself in all up in your headspace, hit PAUSE + ask yourself, "Is it in my highest and best to ______?” See if any whispers or a knowing come through. You can also ask, “What would I LOVE? If I didn't have to be anything, go anywhere, do anything, what would I choose?”

The cool thing with this exercise is that you can do it anytime you want. Even spending a few minutes with this exercise can help get you used to what your inner guidance feels like. Incorporating this work into your daily life creates a connection with your intuition, so when you really need an answer, you know exactly how to tap into it and can hear that body response super clear.

When we begin to connect with our intuition and are able to know our truth, we can begin to change our own lives and act according to our purpose. Which then impacts everyone and everything we’re connected to in this amazing, abundant ripple effect. We can even expand that practice to serve other people and the planet as a whole. Which just sounds like a whole lot of fun, doesn’t it?




Bri McCorkellComment