How to take care of yourself when you're in transition

I’ve been having a really hard time lately because I’m going thru a transition of my own.

Things that felt so “right” have been falling to shit, sacred relationships have felt strained, old stories I’d let go that kept me small have been creeping back into my head.

I don’t know what’s going on in your world, love.

Maybe your marriage is feeling a little harder than it usually does, and you need support.

Maybe your kids are taking more time than you were planning this week, and your work is suffering.

Maybe you just want out from where you’re at right now.

Wherever you are, I see you.

And I do know that for you and I, taking care of ourselves is super important during this time of transition.

So I wanted to gift you this sacred self-care practice that has made an extraordinary impact on my life, especially when I have no flipping clue what to do next:

My Love Bath Ritual

My Love Bath Ritual

My Love Bath Ritual

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Love Bath Ritual:

-pink candle

-pink rose petals (I purchase a small bouquet at my local grocery store)

-rose oil

-rose quartz crystal

Pick a quiet night this week.

Draw a warm bath, adding 3-5 drops of the rose oil (more if you prefer a stronger scent).

Place the rose quartz crystal at the bottom of the tub.

Add the pink rose petals to the water.

Light the pink candle.

Dim the lights.

Play soft music for ambience (I love the Peaceful Meditation station on Spotify).

And just BE.

Feel your beauty.

Bathe in the love.

Trust that everything is happening in your favor. 

Remember you are love.

If your love bath experience is anything like mine, you’ll be transformed into a place of healing + love (rose is extremely powerful!)

❤️Have a self-care ritual that makes you feel good during times of change + uncertainty in your life? Drop it in the comments below + spread the love to other mama goddesses.

xx Bri

P.S. Once you've taken a love bath + taken good care of yourself, if you're still uncertain what's next for you, smudging is another way I cleanse myself when I'm feeling confused or lost.  If you'd like to learn more about smudging, here's the article I wrote: Smudging: An ancient ritual for new age mamas.