Shedding The SHIT

It's your girl, Bri.

I know, I know. It's been a hot minute since I've written (cough cough, 6 months or so). Please know that I haven't forgotten about us and our soul filled heart-to-hearts. I could NEVER. I've thought of you on the reg and have held you in my heart this entire time.

It's just that I've been unpacking + releasing so. much. shit. 

Turns out that when you've been taking anti-depressants and drinking wine for 10+ years to relax/deal/numb out/calm down/have fun/process life and then you suddenly STOP, the stuff that has been buried deep down inside you comes out to PLAY. But not in a fun, sweet, 'I'm here to gently teach you, little one' type play. Like some dark night of the soul motherf-cking moments. You feel me?

The amazing news?

I endured, stayed on the path of the graceful warrior and came out on the other side.  

Stronger. Gentler. Wiser.  

Would you love some deets? Here's a bird's eye view of the last 6 months, respectively (so you know I ain't playin):

  • Deep dove into my sobriety + recovery

  • Ended a 10+ year relationship with anti-depressants (whole 'nother blog)

  • Created a container for sober + sober-curious women to gather and grow #litfromwithin

  • Discovered we were expecting baby #3

  • 1st + 2nd trimester experiences (all the hormonal, physical + mental shifts that go along with it)

  • Held my 1st mini-retreat: a magical day of healing, connection + growth for women

  • Put our house on the market

  • Sold our house

  • Moved into beach rental

    • Discovered said beach rental had little insulation

    • Became cold, crabby + then grateful to be together 

    • Discovered it doesn't matter where you live, it's your family that makes a every place a home

  • Welcomed in 3 beautiful new women into my private coaching program 

  • Watched in wonder as my body + God created another divine miracle in my womb

  • Deepened some friendships + released some others

  • Found our dream home + land (we move this Spring!)

In summary, I've released years + years of pain, bad habits, old stories, limiting beliefs and giving foxes re: what others think, welcomed in more of what I would love AND feel more connected to my purpose + power than I've ever been in my whole life. 

Cue exhale.

And I have to tell you girl, it's flipping beautiful over here.

What have you been up to? Tell me about YOU in the comments

xx Bri

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Bri McCorkell