{Rock On} 5 CrystalS for women wondering "What's next?"

Healing crystals are one of my favorite "woo woo" tools when I'm in transition.

Whether I am holding them in my hand during my morning meditation or tucking them into my brassiere before heading out the door, these little beauties have strengthened my ability to hear my intuition, guiding me towards what's true to ME in the next phase of my life. 

You might be watching babies transition into school (and figuring out what to do with the new time to yourself), starting your first business or changing careers, or navigating how to make business changes WITHOUT compromising your income. These 5 crystals are perfect for the woman who's in a transition and doesn't really know how to navigate all the details.

{BONUS that these crystals look flipping gorgeous displayed around the home +  even on the bod, AND they've brought my spiritual practice + inner healing work to the next level #likeWOAH.} 

Before we dive in, let me explain how these stones work (before you exit and assume I've gone off the deep end)...

Since these precious gems are thousands (sometimes millions) of years old, the energy stored within each different crystal acts as a conduit, allowing their positive, individual vibes to flow through the body (as well as ward off negative "juju.") Like plants, they only stop growing once they’ve been cut from the earth. 

My personal intro to crystals was not exaaactly by choice. as my daughter June was the one who introduced me to their magic. During my pregnancy with June, I spent a lot of time receiving energy work (reiki, polarity therapy, etc). During one particular healing session, the practitioner shared that June (who was still IN my womb at the time, mind you) was requesting certain crystals be placed on my belly. UM, say what? (Turns out June’s favorite crystals were rose quartz  + amethyst, which interestingly are the ones that she is still drawn to today #bananas.)


Here's a list of my top 5 crystal recommendations for beginners, along with the healing beliefs associated with them. 


Known as the “survival” stone, smoky quartz connects us with earthy energy, promoting feelings of stability and grounding. A major protection stone, it also brings feelings of safety and security.

Finding yourself stuck in your headspace? Smoky quartz helps to transform negative emotions and thought patterns in the mind, bringing mental clarity and focus.


Known as a stone of manifestation and success, citrine boosts creativity and imagination and attracts wealth on all levels. It is fabulous for conjuring mental clarity, confidence and personal power.

Is success in business what you desire? Place citrine in your workspace, office or carry it with you during important meetings. 


Known as the stone of love + self acceptance, rose quartz aligns your energy with all things L-O-V-E. Not only can it an help you to attract a new partner, it can bring harmony to an already established relationship.

Looking to fall in love? If a loving relationship with yourself is what you are seeking, rose quartz can help to heal emotional wounds and negative childhood experiences. PS-Rose Quartz is EXCELLENT for fertility.


Selenite is a very peaceful and restorative crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy as well as expand your spiritual awareness. If you feel stressed out, tired or angry, holding selenite can help clear away the low vibes and leave you with feelings of calm.

Not getting enough zzzs? Keep a selenite crystal under your bed to create a restful space and help you have a good night's sleep.


Known as the stone of spirituality and contentment, amethyst clears negative energy in the body, bringing stability and strength. Amethyst is a fabulous stone to hold in your hand during meditation, as it brings a calm and peaceful energy to your practice. 

Looking to cut back a bit on the booze? Keep amethyst your pocket as it supports sobriety.

If you're Intrigued by healing crystals but not sure where to begin, take a trip to your nearest crystal store and just play (my favorite shop is RR Traders in Newburyport, MA). 

Browse the aisles and grab 1-3 stones that your intuition leads you to. After you've held the stone, inquire with paperwork or staff members to learn what the crystal actually helps with (often you’ll find the stone that you are drawn to is what you would benefit from the most in your life at the moment).

If you're having trouble deciding between crystals, hold one in each hand and take a walk around the store. How do they feel? Do they give off heat? Do they stick to your hand? Do you feel a vibration? Any of the above experiences are a good indicator of a solid connection with the crystal, meaning you may have found your new bestie.

If you're already a crystal lover, what is your favorite to stone to carry with you during transitions? Comment in the section below to help other mamas to find their perfect rock.

No matter if you decide to wear them, place them in your home, or use them as meditation objects, have fun utilizing these gorgeous gems to do some of the transitional work for you (we've got plenty to think about, so using woo-woo tools helps address a lot of details unconsciously).

ROCK ON with yo' bad self :) 

xx Bri