What it looks like to be CRACKED OPEN

Some of you guys may have seen highlights of my weekend on IG stories of me attending 'The Ignite Your Soul Summit' created by my friend + former coach @amberlileystrom.

In a nutshell: It was frigging bomb. 7-10 speakers. Speaking on different topics: aligning your work in the world with who you truly are, opening yourself up to abundance and receiving, calling in the tribe your future self needs, how to drop the script in life, tell your story, show up as YOU, turn your pain into your message, connecting with “little Bri” + asking her what she needs (WATERWORKS during this exercise, people). Pages and pages and pages of downloads, little golden nuggets of amazingness. 

I went into this weekend pretty open, not having clear expectations due to bananas week of birthdays, home construction + general #mamapreneurlife leading up to it, but feeling excited to connect with the tribe of women I’ve developed beautiful relationships with over the last few years + create some space for me.

I was CRACKED THE F OPEN. In the BEST way possible.

Literally, layers of bullshit I didn’t even know existed came off. Victim stories I didn’t realize that were playing on an internal reel were stripped away. Pings of jealousy that existed for women who “had it all” were shifted into immense gratitude for them paving the way + a realization that jealousy can lead us to what would we would LOVE #internalgps 

I was totally SHOCKED by this.If you had asked me before if I was “closed off” or in need of a good spiritual cleansing, I would’ve been like F no! I show up, I see healers, I read, I tune in, I do the work, I teach my clients how to do the work, like I’m in pretty good spiritual shape. Workshops, on the reg. But NOPE. CRACKED THE F OPEN.

My point is: No matter where you are on the spectrum of internal “work”; if your journal has a layer of dust so thick it’s causing environmental pollution, you laugh hysterically when you hear the word self care, OR somebody who is continuously doing the work of going inward, looking at their shit, tuning in, whatever:

Live events + workshops are SO powerful.

TAKING part in them when you can (actually F that. Not when you can. Make that shit a priority + choose it and then align your life to make it happen) is KEY to a thriving life + business. Yes you can learn information online, but the healing, the TRANSFORMATION that can occur by getting your body there + IMMERSING yourself in something LIVE (that you can’t quit or get distracted or start scrolling your phone...whatever the bullshit is that we can do to keep ourselves small + avoid the work because we get uncomfortable.) You cannot hide at live events. It’s almost impossible. 

You emerge transformed. Cracked open. Raw + healed. A realer version of yourself. Having become more of who you truly are #truetoYOU.

Are LIVE events a part of your personal or professional development? What events, retreats or workshops have you attended that have cracked you open + made an impact on how you see the world?

Share here + let’s bring awareness to what is here for us!

xx Bri

Bri McCorkell