An invitation to stop the body hating

Stretch marks
Big arms
Deflated breasts

ALL things that I’ve thought when looking in the mirror since birthing my two babies *Words + phrases that I’ve allowed to exist in my mind, that have echoed LOUDLY whenever I put anything ‘not healthy’ in my mouth. “You sure you want that 2nd slice, Bri? Remember what your stomach looked like when you took that bath the other day?”

Thinking about having these photos taken felt scary AF. Despite feeling confident about ME on the inside, my attitude about my body has centered around the above for a long time. I figure I’d consume a considerable amount of champagne before the shoot + attempt to cover my most hated body parts with some type of draping + try to laugh

But a few days before I had an “AHA” moment. It occurred to me that I’d been having mean thoughts about my body since college. Shaming it. Hating it. Trying to cover it up. Was this the conversation I wanted to keep having? How did it feel to allow these thoughts to continue? ✌️I decided that I am DONE hating this body that has done incredible things, like carry + BIRTH babies, danced ballet, embraced loved ones + sat in prayer. I’m done waiting for things to look “perfect” for me to feel good. I’m going to stop waiting for "someday" + do fun shit NOW. I'm gonna show up for ME.

Some of you might be thinking, ‘FU, Bri. If I was your weight I’d take sexy pics, too.’ Some of you might be thinking, ‘Yikes I would never show these pictures if I was as out of shape as Bri.’

It doesn’t matter, love. What matters is that this is a big step towards UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for who I am RIGHT NOW. Not when I lose 15 pounds, not when I’m making more money, not when I’m more successful. Right f-ing NOW. 

This is an invitation for us to STOP the body hating. To STOP the critic. The “never good enough” BS. This IS an invitation for us to love our bodies. All of the imperfections. All the squishy bits. Even when it feels really hard. 

Oh strong, confident girls. Let's RISE + celebrate the heck outta our beautiful selves. Who’s in? 🌈🌏👊🏻

Bri McCorkell