Disconnected to RECONNECT: What went down during my digital detox

Ever considered taking a break from social media? I've been on a "digital detox" of sorts for the last week or so and have lived to tell the tale. No Instagram stories written, no blogs shared, no posting pictures of the kiddos on Facebook, no sharing of my business. Nada. For a whole week. 

And it happened by accident. Meaning there was no sudden declaration of "I AM TAKING A BREAK FROM SOCIAL BECAUSE.....it's sucking me dry/taking too much time/giving off negative vibes. Nope. None of that. I truly ENJOY using social media.  Honestly, I kind of LOVE it.

I love having a platform to share and serve and let other women + mamas know that they are not alone. I love spreading a message that we are beautiful and worthy and special and perfect and messy and have gifts to share. I love teaching online workshops on creating your best life, I love offering coaching that connects women to their inner truth, the knowing that they so powerful that they can change their world and our world simply by loving themselves. I love sharing a beautiful way for humans to earn residual income while raising their babies. I am grateful for the social accounts that leave me feeling inspired, refreshed, tuned in and MORE ME every time I connect with their content.  

You could say social and I have a pretty good thing going. So why the detox? 

I simply woke up one day and realized that I didn't feel like I had a clear message that was calling to be shared. I felt....murky. Slightly out of it, to be perfectly honest #mercurygoesretrograde. And since I owe a large part of my happiness and success in life/biz to my motto, "If it doesn't feel good, then don't do it," I knew that to live in accordance with that belief, posting on social that day was a NO. But to be completely honest, I still had to talk back to the fear buzzing between my ears: Why would I force this? What am I afraid of? What do I think will "happen" in my life and business if I'm not present on social media? (Yes I realize this is a first world problem of the highest scale).

So despite the FOMO, I decided to honor what my body, mind and soul was calling for and put my phone and computer away for that day. One day lead to the next. And then the next. Which lead to over a whole week. Social media free. (I didn't even check feeds!)

I'm happy to say that not only did I survive, but I actually THRIVED during my digital detox.

Instead of being on my phone I, 

-took my first nap since June was born (almost 11 months ago). 

-read in bed every night (and finished 2 books!) 

-slept 1-2 hours more every night.

-played pillow fight with my son in our jammies before bed

-watched my daughter as she slept, the rise and fall of her breath, noticed the way her eyes flutter when she's dreaming, how pink her sweet cheeks are.

-enjoyed moments without thinking about how they might fit into my IG stories + hit 'pause' on viewing the events of my life thru a social media lens (does anyone else always think about how they can best share something online as it's happening in real time?!)

-noticed what shape the clouds were making in the sky, the red berries sprouting on the tree in our yard, the red cardinal that visited while I was washing dishes.

-tuned into my body and realized that it was talking to me. Asking me for more water. For warm foods like brown rice and avocado and chicken. Asking for a certain kind of nourishment. 



I experienced a deeper realization that the little + sweet moments of our lives are truly the ones that matter. 

Just from taking a little digital detox. Pretty cool, huh?

Have you ever taken a digital detox? What did you learn? If not, would you like to try it?  What are your biggest fears around taking a break from social? Drop a comment below 

xx Bri



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