Why I am not special

I've earned a little over 6 figures in my first 2 years thru my network marketing business.

My “maybe I will earn some extra cash so I’m not living paycheck to paycheck and what if we could take a vacation and maybe I could actually do work that doesn’t leave me feeling depleted and sick at the end of most days and crying leaving my baby at daycare and I don’t know how I’ll find the time as I already work FT and have a full plate and what if I suck and am not good enough and people laugh at me” opportunity.

Yup. That same one.

I share this information with you NOT to brag or have my ego stroked (as I know what it took to get there.  And not to try and convince you that you need to be doing what I’m doing.)

I share to SHOW YOU living proof of what is possible when you decide to clear out the the noise, silence the “what ifs” in your head, say “thanks but no thanks” to the doubts and fears of those around you, and instead, follow a feeling of hope, of curiosity. Making the choice to believe in yourself, your vision and to BLAZE YOUR OWN FLIPPING PATH.

***Especially IF the path you are currently on feels more like a cheap cruise with terrible food, rocky waters, tight quarters and an obnoxious Director from hell. We all know the guy I’m talking about, obsessed with shoving the mic in your face. He's THE PITS).***

I shared my success with a close confidante the other day, to which they responded something like “Oh, but it’s different for you, Bri. You are special. I couldn’t do that.”


It is NOT different. I AM NOT SPECIAL. They COULD do THAT.

How do I know?

Because to get where I am, I did things that everyone can do. I read. I listened. I learned skills. I was coachable. Eager. I stayed open. I put the effort in. Made it a priority. Worked smarter. Turned off the TV. Fell down. Got back up. I leaned on my tribe. Felt confused. Gained clarity. Embraced vulnerability and imperfection. Learned to laugh at my mistakes and not take myself too seriously. Got stronger in the broken places. Invested in coaches. Kept my vision and my dream and my passion for instilling empowerment in the hearts and minds of women around the world at the forefront of my focus. Prayed. Asked for guidance. Listened. Found inspiring leaders that wanted to teach me, show me, walk WITH ME on my journey and share how they had fallen down and gotten back up, too. Promised myself that I’d wake up each day even more determined to live my purpose and serve, no matter what it took. That I’d never trade safety for my purpose. EVER. That i'd show my babies what it looked like to live your vision and feel fulfilled in your heart by LIVING IT MYSELF.

So please.

Do not say that I am special. Or different. Or that “success” comes easily for me and not for you.

Trust that YOU have it. Believe that YOU can do it. That YOU are in charge of your happiness. That you can be the Cruise Ship Director of your own life, and that your life can be FLIPPING AMAZING. Because you decided to make it so. It's 100% in your control.

xx Bri

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Bri McCorkell