You know what totally ROCKS ?

Literally jumping out of bed in the morning because you are so excited to get to work. To create. To expand. To share a message. To collaborate and serve. To share your passion with the world. Ah! #sweetbliss. But things weren't always this way for me.

3 years ago I was not jumping out of bed to go to work. I was hitting snooze Two. Three. FOUR times.

Feeling overwhelmed & stressed while thinking about the events of the work day ahead (& I was still in the shower!) I loved my students but the dread of the meetings and deadlines and paperwork become just TOO much. I found myself convincing myself I could get thru the day by looking forward to what I would do at 5pm.

Have you been there? I was literally trying to fast-forward huge chunks of my life.

BUT what SAVED ME from this hamster wheel was that had this gut feeling that I was meant for more; that I was meant to serve more people in a BIGGER way.

So I chose honesty. I chose happiness. I chose something exciting and new, and decided that my vehicle to achieve all of that looked like a network marketing business. Three years of growth, fun, messiness, discoveries, discomfort + expansion later....

My morning are whatever I choose them to be. And I am living a lifestyle that I have always dreamed of. 

What's the thing that would make you jump out of bed in the morning? What's stopping you from doing it?

What if you decided, just for today, to not listen & instead chose to do the thing you LOVE just for 5 minutes?

Yeah, it would rock

xx Bri

Bri McCorkell