3 Authentic Facebook Messages For Growing Your Social Marketing Business

I joined a network marketing company because I knew I was meant for MORE (and I wanted off the hamster wheel that had become my life). I wanted something new and exciting in my life…I dreamt of…

A sizable income…

Days filled with helping people (and connecting with inspiring new friends)...

The luxury of working from home (preferably in some yoga pants & a cozy sweater)...

And traveling wherever and whenever I pleased.

But, last year, I started to feel kind of yucky about sending that same-ole’ Facebook message to my ideal team members.

It felt… spammy. Sleezy. Just… yucky.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally LOVED my training (they have been so good to me and I am forever grateful) as I learned how to create & contact a list of people to reach out to, how to market my products & opportunity using social media, and what activity to focus on to grow my business. But, I didn’t necessarily learn how to…

  • Infuse myself into my marketing messages, so they felt more genuine and less… spammy.

  • Find my own voice on social media to share why I love the products and the business (SO, so much!)

  • Guide people into a “yes” or “no” decision within a reasonable amount of time, versus waiting (foreverrrrrrr, let’s be honest) for people to come around and realize how awesome this business is

After some great, initial success in the business, I knew that I had to find a more genuine approach to sales in order to get to the next level in my company, and make this business work for me, for the long-term.

So I spent quite a bit of time (and quite a bit of money) figuring out how I could make this business feel more like ME, and I realized that a lot of people wanted that same kind of feeling within their network marketing business (that’s why I created the True To YOU Mastermind, by the way).

Below, you’ll find just a few of the messages that I started to send out to people as a more fresh & personalized approach to connect with potential customers and business partners.

AND, on DATE, I’ll be walking some fellow social marketers through a process to create their very own unique message that feels authentic to them, so they can send it out to potential business partners all throughout the New Year! 

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Now... the below messages may seem simple to you, but I found that the slight differences (and more personal touch) served my soul by feeling like I was coming from a more unique, genuine place when reaching out to potential customers & business partners (plus, I experienced a huge increase in response rate from what I receiving previously!)

Let’s dive in to those messages, shall we?

Message #1. Simply looking to add some new customers to your business? This is the message I use when I think someone might LOVE the products that I have the privilege of selling…

“Hi x! Love seeing your pics of  (insert what you see frequently on their social page). I know this may seem out of the blue, but I am having a love affair with (insert name of network marketing company). It started when their products (insert what the products have done for you) and now I’m experiencing (insert your results).  I’m reaching out as a fellow (mama/working lady) to see if you are looking for a change in your _____ routine? Are you super happy about your current (insert example product)? And, if not, would you be interested in learning about the products in the (insert network marketing company) family, and seeing how they might be able to help you?”

Message #2. Do you have any customers that you think might make great business partners? This is the message I use when I feel that one of my customers may be an ideal fit for the business, and I want to get the conversation started…

“Hey X, I really appreciate you as a customer and I’ve been meaning to connect with you to share more about the business side of (insert name of your network marketing company). I am always looking for savvy + passionate people to share this opportunity with and I truly think you would love it. Are you open to chatting more about the opportunity? Even if it’s not for you, that’s totally cool. A lot of this business is built through referrals so this way you’ll have the facts and can help connect me with anyone you know who is looking for (insert what they may love….a way to bring in some extra income, work from home with their kiddos, etc) Are you open to that?”

Message #3. Have you ever been BLOWN OFF (or started to feel like someone is ignoring you)? This is the language I use when I’ve exchanged a few messages about my business opportunity, and maybe the person even seemed interested, but then they fell off the face of the Earth (Witness Protection Program, anyone?) and I’m left wondering, “Should I just give up?”…

“Hey X, I’m beginning to feel like that friend that just won’t take the hint (which is definitely not my style) so my apologies if that is the vibe! I just wanted to see if you are still interested in talking more about the opportunity with (insert name of your networking marketing business?) If you aren’t, that’s totally ok! I don’t want to keep reaching out (aka stalking) if you have decided you aren’t into it.  What’s your current status?”

Mama, I know the desire to simplify and create ease in your life & biz is strong (can I get an Amen?) but PLEASE, don’t just copy and paste these messages and send them off (as that totally defeats the purpose).

Read them over and see what parts resonate the most. The thing that makes you stand out amongst other people doing similar work is YOUR voice, YOUR story, YOUR vision. Feel free to use those, genuinely you parts, combined with your company’s sales strategies, to make some simple adjustments to your messages so they feel more like… YOU.

And, as always, keep being that brilliant woman, mama, and business owner that you are. It’s such a blast to be in this world with you!

Xoxo Bri

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Bri McCorkell