My new sick day

Holden is home sick from school today

2 years ago, that would've equaled a stressful morning, scrambling to find childcare, arguing with my husband over who's work day was "busier" aka more important, nervously calling work to let them know you're not coming in and feeling guilty all day about the things you were putting on your coworkers shoulders #stressandguilt

Fast forward to today's scene: my husband Rory brings Holden into bed with me for snuggle time, we lazily hang in our pjs, make vitamin C smoothies and watch Paw Patrol together as I easily take care of my customers and team from my laptop. And later while he was taking his afternoon nap, I got in a quick workout while chatting over the phone with two women interested in learning more about how they can have this same opportunity.

All while providing financial stability for my family.

Of course there will be lots of tantrums, mess, frustration, deep breaths, struggles over sugary snacks, balancing, and a STRONG desire to reach for the wine mixed in. But it's perfect. All what it should be because I chose it.

xx Bri

Bri McCorkell