falling back, into serenity

turning the clocks back has me feeling excited. joyful. ELATED.

Wait....don't you have little ones?  Have you found the magic elixir that keeps them sleeping until a reasonable hour? 

The answer: yes + no. While I do have two little nuggets that share my home + heart, unfortunately there is no magic elixir. 


I've been feeling this strong + beautiful urge to slow down, to go within, create space, get quiet.

And I'm dizzyingly delighted with even the mere thought of this.

The darkness serves as a reminder to me.

and an invitation to all of us 

to be present

+ allow the sweet, tiny, beautiful things we've always wanted our lives to be made of to come to in.

For me it's:

snuggles with my babes

truly listening to my husband's words

wrapping my body in a blanket + sitting by candlelight


drifting off to sleep reading my favorite book

truly savoring each sip of hot coffee

starting my day with a soul replenishing audio meditation

star wishing + moon gazing


filling our home with the smells + sounds of the holidays

hugging, really hugging my dear friends


And the most beautiful part is I know that it's all possible. I just have to choose it. 


Friends, what are the things that you'd love your days... your life to be made of?

What would shift in your experience if you made time for the things that truly shine?


Bri McCorkellComment