Are you meant for "more?" 


Maybe you care deeply about your current role {as a stay-at-home mom or career driven female}, but you're also feeling tapped out and unfulfilled. 

Maybe you're a woman who loves To see the world + explore your inner hippie, but your life doesn't reflect the wild + free woman you know yourself to be. 

Maybe you deeply care about the planet and making a positive impact, but you really don't know how to make that happen. 

You know your life is out of whack, but you're not sure how to change it {or even what you want}

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I’ve stood in your shoes. I've felt the fear.

But I had an unwillingness to unplug from what I know was meant for me {and so do you}.

No matter what came up. No matter what was thrown my way.

I chose the happiness + fulfillment that lied ahead when I finally aligned my life with what I truly wanted.

And I have to tell you, girl...

It’s f-ing beautiful over here.

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I empower YOU to begin Your journey.

To take the time and space to stop and ask who you truly are + what you truly want. 

fall in love with your life, love + be the True you

Whether you are looking for a wing woman to reflect your inner truth, a tribe of like minded women to support you on your journey, or the deep healing + satisfaction that comes with running a business aligned with your true purpose...

Today is the day to begin. And I'm here to assist

{wing woman status, engaged}


looking for a tune up? 

A 60-minute, one-one-one coaching session to get you in touch with who you are + what you want ::

looking for a tribe?

A group experience which provides support + guidance while you align your life + business with what you truly want ::

looking for a mentor?

A one-on-one coaching relationship to align your life with your highest integrity

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No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.
— Maya Mendosa