the True to you mastermind experience

where women are supported to dream big, be real + live a life they truly love

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Are you clear on what's next for your life but JUST don't know HOW to do it?

Maybe you're ready to start that side business but you're overwhelmed + don't know what is most important to get it off the ground. 

Maybe you're running a successful business but your soul calls for more time at home with your babies {and you're not sure how to work less without sacrificing your income}. 

Maybe you're ready to get out of the house and have a full life of your own, but you're afraid of the effect that will have on your hubs and kiddos. 

I don't know what dream is calling to you right now, but I do know this... 

Your dreams are possible + they're waiting for you to live them. 

The mastermind was exactly what I needed to get out of my own way. From the raw and honest feedback + guidance, Bri sharing her experience, and her being so passionate about helping her clients transform… Because of the Mastermind, I was able to see that I deserve the world and can conquer it, which resulted in getting my spark and flare back. I can’t thank Bri enough for the work we did together.
— Melissa [Network Marketer]

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and i’m on a mission to show you how to build a life + business that you love.


I know how confusing it is to start a new business + how overwhelming your schedule can get when you're managing mama life, work schedules, self care + friendships {wipe sweat off forehead}.

I'm not the woman who is going to post on social and look like a super mom + business owner who has her sh*t together.

I'm the woman who admits that I've been wearing the same outfit for three days, that I fed my kids fast food for lunch + sometimes I wallow in self doubt + sabotage as a mom + business owner.


I want to be real + raw with you, tell you what I know + laugh together about what we totally screw up, and keep moving forward towards a life + business that you freakin' love {no matter what pops up along the path}. 

Does this sound like your cup-o-joe? 

it's nice to meet you. We have some work to do.  

Bri is a loving, nonjudgmental, deeply soulful mirror that takes in my perspective, fears and vision and transforms them into the most beautiful and aligned reflection of my true self. Bri’s kind, gentle and loving voice has helped shift my inner dialogue and empower me to take inspired action. With Bri at my side I have found my worthiness and aligned myself with my soul’s calling. It’s completely amazeballs and I could not be more excited and grateful!
— Christine [Mom + Healer + Pediatric Nurse]

The True to YOU Mastermind Experience is for women who know what they want + are committed to achieving it.

here's what to expect: 

:: You'll be a part of a group of highly motivated females who have big goals and are helping each other grow ::

:: We'll be there to navigate challenges that arise as you pursue the changes you desire + you'll receive feedback from people who have been there {and got through it} ::

:: You'll learn how to run a business + receive guidance on topics such as creating a focused work schedule, how to grow without hustle, selling without coming from a yucky + forced place, and more ::

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Have you ever wished you had that one person in your life that sees you with all your messiness and imperfections but also sees who you are meant to be? I found that person in Bri. She has helped me in so many ways but above all - she’s helped me believe in myself, in my dreams and in what I can achieve. My business has grown... which means I’m that much closer to my dream. I am a better person as she taught me to choose joy; to choose happiness. Bri is my mentor but also my friend and in being part of Bri’s Mastermind she has made such a massive impact on me as a business owner but also introduced me to an amazing tribe of women!
— Maria [Network Marketer]
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Here's what you get when you invest:

:: You'll receive two one-hour private coaching calls with Bri {that's me} where we'll dive into your big dreams + get you unstuck from the get-go

:: You'll get access to two monthly group coaching calls with Bri + a handful of powerful soul sisters pursuing their own dreams

:: I'll go LIVE twice a month with exclusive videos on our Facebook group that teach important topics like how to manage your time, prioritize your business + personal to-dos, spiritual tools that help you move forward + accomplish big things, and more!

:: You'll have 24/7 access to an exclusive online community for extra coaching + support 

:: I'll offer exclusive referrals to my personal team of boss-babes {who have been integral in the building of my business} along your journey


IT'S TIME TO STEP INTO the life that is meant for you

Bri has a true gift. Through our conversations, she has given me the control and power to think about my goals, my joys and my dreams. I’ll be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did, as I am now leading a life of more purpose, passion + fulfillment. I am not sure how I got so damn lucky to have one of the most inspiring women as my mentor. Bri has empowered me to chase my dreams and create a life I love living.
— Natalie [Mom + Photographer]
Bri’s motivation and guidance is key in a entrepreneur’s mindset.  She has the ability to harness your “WHY” and create a vision for you that you may have never dreamt for yourself.  She listens and learns to see how you tick and operate best, provides resources to build your business, and gives you high standards to hold yourself to.  Why? Because Bri knows that you are worth it.
— Elizabeth [Teacher]