"Bri has a true gift. Through our conversations, she has given me the control and power to think about my goals, my joys and my dreams. I'll be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did, as I am now leading a life of more purpose, passion and fulfillment. I am not sure how I got so damn lucky to have one of the most inspiring and determined leaders as my mentor. Bri has empowered me to chase my dreams and create a life I love living." 

-Natalie Gagnon, Mom, Photographer, Network Marketing Professional


“I am so grateful to be able to work with Bri. If not for her, I would not have found this amazing job opportunity, new friendships, leadership and mentorship that fills my heart and makes me want to be better than I am. I am grateful for Bri’s honesty, her genuineness, her understanding when I falter and miss the mark. I am so thankful to have her beside me, cheering me on in work and life.”

-Michelle Vidoli, Mom, Network Marketing Professional



“After taking Bri’s workshop, all sort of amazing things are happening in my life! I swear her class was exactly what I needed. I love Bri and her bravery!”

-Jessica Wright, Mom, Realtor

"Bri is a dynamic leader, full of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. Bri has helped change my business by allowing me to put dreams onto paper and map out a way to achieve them (and helped me gain the confidence to not give a crap what others think.) One of the biggest advantages of having Bri as a mentor is that she has indirectly shown me what a true appreciation for life is.  I feel more centered and grounded after every conversation with Bri. She's more than a mentor - she is an important part of my life."

Stacey Cosco, Mom, Director of Nursing-Main Operating Room, Network Marketing Professional

"Bri’s motivation and guidance is key in a network marketer’s mindset.  She has the ability to harness your "WHY" and create a vision for you that you may have never dreamt for yourself.  She listens and learns to see how you tick and operate best, provides resources to build your business, and gives you high standards to hold yourself to.  Why? Because Bri knows that you are worth it."

Elizabeth Orlando, Teacher, Network Marketing Professional


"Bri radiates positive energy and gives you honest feedback. She helps you focus on what is going right in your business and how to use stay consistently active to power through tough times (which also helps in daily family life!) The biggest advantage in working with Bri is her ability to truly know when to gently guide you, and when to step back to let you find the answers within yourself. She is there when you need her and has inspired me to do things I never considered doing before."

Kim Rowland, Mom, Network Marketing Professional