The True To YOU Mastermind

The True To YOU Mastermind

Hello Love!

Your initial investment in the True to YOU Mastermind is almost complete, so I wanted to check in.

Your investment in the mastermind included four months of coaching (a total of 8 group calls *you lucky ducks are getting 10!*) and we're closing in on that end date.

In order to make sure we use this final stretch of time to serve what you most need, I’d love to set up some private time to chat with you…

SIGN UP FOR A ONE-ON-ONE WITH ME HERE (it’s a free bonus!)

During this private time together, I’ll be asking three main questions…

  1. What have you loved about the True To YOU Mastermind?

  2. What do you most want to focus on during this final stretch of time in the Mastermind?

  3. How can I best serve you moving forward?

If it seems right, we may discuss privately coaching with me - which includes one-on-one sessions each month and access to any future groups I might be facilitating.

In a previous Masterminds, one of the participants said that “the private coaching was most beneficial,” so I always like to check in about it with each of the participants.

If you DON’T want the private coaching, that’s ok, too - the purpose of this call is to make sure we privately connect and recalibrate what’s happening in the mastermind to suit your needs before it’s all over :)

Again, here’s the link to sign up to talk with me, privately, about your mastermind experience & how I can best support you moving forward: SIGN UP FOR YOUR TIME HERE

And, please, please know that it’s a serious privilege to serve as your coach through this experience. I’m looking forward to this one-on-one call so we can celebrate what you’ve accomplished AND prepare for our final stretch together.

Talk soon.

PS - Don’t forget to sign up for this bonus one-on-one call with me ASAP.