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"Bri has a true gift. Through our conversations, she has given me the control and power to think about my goals, my joys and my dreams. I'll be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did, as I am now leading a life of more purpose, passion and fulfillment." 

Natalie, Mom + Photographer


What wILL our time together look like?

{1} 60-minute private coaching session

I'll privately walk you through some visioning work, you'll get to brain-dump all of the possibilities that have been spinning around in your head, we'll take steps to get clear on what you're sure is next for you, and I'll unload as many tools + resources as I can to make sure you're supported + inspired to move forward.

You'll end the session feeling clear about what's next for you. 

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After you've scheduled our time together, you can use this audio to start visualizing what you would love for your life. 

Follow me at @bri.mccorkell before our session for some early support + connection