a place for people who have big dreams and want to grow their network marketing business in the most genuine way

If you’re anything like me, you were probably really excited to start your business, to take a chance on yourself, and to do something new and exciting in your life and for those you love…

You probably also dreamed really big and thought you could accomplish so much more in your business by now.

I know, for me, that my dreams included a sizable income, days filled with helping people (and connecting with inspiring new friends), the luxury of working from home (preferably in some type of sweat suit), and traveling wherever and whenever I pleased (It’s rude to keep a vacation waiting, am I right friends?)

You stepped out of your comfort zone and took a leap of faith. You may have even left a steady job behind (or utilized precious family funds to make an investment).

If you’re here, visiting this page, I’m going to assume that the “reality” of running a networking marketing business has not yet added up to what you anticipated…

it might be good, impressive to others even, but it’s a lukewarm version of what you signed up for (#welikeithot).

Maybe your training was good, and even helped you to achieve some initial success.

But now you’re not so jazzed about reaching out to potential customers or business partners, and you’re thinking…

I don’t want to come off as “annoying”

I don’t want to alienate my friends and family, or ruin any relationships

I don’t want to be “that girl”

Or, maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked, both as a mama AND as a business owner, and you’re wondering…

What ever happened to that “fitting it into the nooks & crannies” idea? Where did that go?

Believe me… I GET IT.

After 12 months of following the system and growing my network marketing business, I had a lot of success (thank you training) and was able to leave my full-time job as a school psychologist.

But I was questioning my methods and didn’t feel genuine in my approach.

Although I knew the network marketing business was what I wanted, and I appreciated what I was able to do in the first year, I still found myself feeling insincere and uncertain about the future, wondering…

Is there a more genuine way to sell to people?

To truly be ME and feel good as I share my business? 


How can I work “smarter,” so I can accomplish MORE in my business while actually being PRESENT at home with my kiddos?

(Any mamas out there spend the majority of the day stressed out, simultaneously checking your phones while your kids pull at your leg? And while we are at it, how about a ‘heck yes’ to making self-care a priority in our day?)

You and I desired the SAME EXPERIENCE, and that’s why I started searching, mama.

I truly see networking marketing companies as a vehicle…

They are a way that people, like you and I, can achieve what it is that we would LOVE in our lives...

  • To help and truly serve others
  • To work for ourselves (best boss ever!) and to work from home
  • To be present for the priceless moments in our children’s lives
  • To take care of ourselves, emotionally + physically + spiritually
  • And to contribute, financially, to our family’s well being

And after a bit of serious searching, I started to share all of my findings with my direct networking marketing team…

and they LOVED it! 

They ate it up. They were able to…

  • Identify what they wanted beyond their business (so network marketing could be their vehicle and serve a bigger purpose)
  • Come from a unique, grateful place when reaching out to potential customers and business partners and lead with value
  • Enjoy their business and LOVE what they were doing every day (because their to-do list became focused, simple and powerful verses random, disorganized and frustrating.
  • Shift away from being desperate to sign partners and customers and into a place of confidence and gratitude around sharing their business
  • And (what I’m best at) creating a plan so you can take action and not just HOPE your business grows month after month

I wanted a way to share this genuine approach to building networking marketing businesses with more people (whether they were on my team, or even in the same network marketing company as me).

Enter the Genuine Sales School.

What’s the purpose of The Genuine Sales School?

  • Individual sales strategy that is unique to you and makes you feel amazing about reaching out to potential business partners and customers
  • Show you what the best uses of your time are (so you can be a full time mama and let this network marketing be simple and fun)
  • Get in touch with who you are as a network marketer and what you would love from your business so you don’t have to feel cheesy using the same script as everyone else
  • Overcoming the fear, doubt and self-criticism that comes along with your own business that people have judgements about

"Bri has a true gift. Through our conversations, she has given me the control and power to think about my goals, my joys, my dreams. I'll be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did, as I am now leading a life of more purpose, passion and fulfillment. I am not sure how I got so damn lucky to have one of the most inspiring and determined leaders as my mentor. Bri has empowered me to chase my dreams and create a life I love living." 

-Natalie Gagnon, Mom, Entrepreneur, MLM Professional

Who is the Genuine Sales School For?

  • You want to make a difference for your family & the world through your business
  • You are unwilling to accept a “normal” “mediocre” life and desire to live a life you LOVE
  • You want to have soul connecting sales conversations with people, and bring them to a close without chasing them down
  • You want to truly S T A N D   O U T in the sea of networking marketing professionals
  • You acknowledge that you are different and want to set yourself apart
  • You want to remain true to your genuine self (and get really clear on who that woman is)
  • You want to share your business + products in a new + fresh way
  • You desire even greater financial abundance in your bank account (and the satisfaction that comes along with doing it in a genuine, life-expanding way)

"I am so grateful to be able to work with Bri. If not for her, I would not have found this amazing job opportunity, new friendships, leadership and mentorship that fills my heart and makes me want to be better than I am. I am grateful for Bri’s honesty, her genuineness, her understanding when I falter and miss the mark. I am so thankful to have her beside me, cheering me on in work and life."

-Michelle Vidoli, Mom, Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional

By the time you are done with the Genuine Sales School, you’ll have a brand new set of tools + knowledge that will help you to turn the life + biz you would LOVE into your reality.


How does The Genuine Sales School work?

Genuine Sales School is 6-week online learning program that consists of weekly LIVE calls + access to personalized coaching with Bri through a private Facebook group.

Curious as to what exactly we cover in the course?

Module 1: Creating YOUR dream vision (+ staying connected to it)

Module 2: How to be fully YOU in your Biz/How to get paid to be YOU

Module 3: Creating genuine language to connect with potential biz partners + customers

Module 4: Facing fear & doubt as you grow BIG (along with every other negative emotion you’re experiencing as a Boss Babe)

Module 5: Setting expectations for your journey

Module 6: Self-Care: Why it’s VITAL for you + your success

Bonus Course: Closing every sale (and helping people make a life changing decision)



"Bri has helped change my business by allowing me to put dreams and vision onto paper and helping me map out a way to achieve them. One of the biggest advantages of having Bri as a mentor is that she has indirectly shown me what a true appreciation for life is. I feel more centered and grounded after every conversation with Bri.  She is more than a mentor - she is an important part of my life."

Stacey Cosco, Mom, Director of Nursing, Network Marketing Professional


*Partner with Bri in her network marketing business as a "bloomie" at the highest level + receive Genuine Sales School as a FREE bonus!


"Bri’s motivation and guidance is key in a network marketer’s mindset.  Owning a business is so much more than your shiny goal at the end of the road, it is about personal growth and discovery.  She has the ability to harness your "WHY" and create a vision for you that you may have never dreamt for yourself.  She listens and learns to see how you tick and operate best, provides resources to build your business, and gives you high standards to hold yourself to.  Why? Because Bri knows that you are worth it."

Elizabeth Orlando, Teacher, Network Marketing Professional

Still not sure?

Here are answers to your top questions & concerns:

Do I have to join your network marketing business? Do I have to be in the one you’re in?

Simple answer? No and no. You do NOT have to be working with the same network marketing company as me… this course serves any and all.

How does this differ from the training I’ve already received through my network marketing company?

The Genuine Sales School is designed to enhance + support the training you've received from your network marketing company, while giving you additional tools + mentorship to truly create a successful business that you LOVE.

How do I know that my investment will transform my business? 

It’s about doing the work, showing up open & coachable, getting in touch with your unique strengths and challenging yourself to step into your full potential.

You can easily work on your own schedule & at your own speed. This experience is designed to expand your business, but it can also be customized to your life.

It's simple: the more you put in, the more you'll receive. 

After the 6-week program is over, will I get the boot?

Once the initial 6 week course is complete and all content has been released, you’ll have continued access to the materials, training calls and private Facebook page and can review as often as you like. Once a Genuine Sales School student, always a Genuine Sales School student!

What if I have a question that is not listed here? Write us at and we'll happily answer you. 


 "Bri is as a very motivating leader, as she radiates positive energy and gives you honest feedback. She helps me focus on what is going right in my business and how to use stay consistently active to power through tough times, which also helps me in my daily life with my family. The biggest advantage to working with Bri is her ability to truly know what direction to point you in, and when to let you figure it out on your own. She is there when you need her and has inspired me to do things I never considered doing before. She encourages you to reach deep within yourself to find the answers. She knows that only we can do that for ourselves."

Kim Rowland, Mother, Network Marketing Professional