My name is Bri McCorkell- and I’m here to do some serious work.

 I’m on a mission to show you how to build a life that you love...

A life that is true to you!

As a mama, coach, speaker and humanitarian, I’ve discovered my true purpose is showing women that they are capable of following their heart and becoming the person they’ve always desired to be..

There is nothing I love more than believing in, empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs on their own journeys. Whether it’s through my private coaching and group Mastermind programs, leading transformational workshops or healing events……

This is the work I was put here to do.

i am blessed to have a life and business that i love....but the life I live today is a far cry from the one i was living before.

Despite having a solid career as a school psychologist - a job that paid the bills and allowed me to share some of my talents - my work & my lifestyle were causing me some serious emotional distress. I often found myself crying in the car after I dropped off my son Holden  at daycare, gulping down wine each night to "calm" my nerves & worrying about my floundering health- Hello immune disorder.

i was on the hamster wheel of life - the one that so many women find themselves on - and i wanted off.

I had this feeling deep within my gut that I was meant for greater things... that I was made to serve lots of people in BIG ways.



I wanted REAL... GENUINE... raw... AWESOME...

and I wanted to generate incredible success.

Now, three years of growth (plus messiness, discoveries, discomfort, and expansion) later...

Here I am, mama... 

McCorkells 2017.jpg

Living my dream of serving and empowering women, from home, on my own schedule, being with my son the ways that I’ve always wanted, and welcoming my baby girl into the EXACT lifestyle I used to only dream about.

and now...

it's your turn.

If it was possible for me, it’s possible for you. Let me be the one that shows you the way.

Interested in exploring what your own beautiful life & business could look like?

Freak flags UP, ladies! #keeping it real


I spent my 31st birthday at a goat farm & it was PURE BLISS (I have a goat obsession)

I tend to swear when I’m speaking about something I’m really passionate about, as in "f--k yes you can build a life & biz that you love!"

My (self-created) DJ name is “Silent G,” & I dream of spinning in a club someday

You can usually find at least a few crystals in my bra (amethyst & Rose quartz are my faves)

I’m obsessed with singing Karaoke, especially anything by Lana Del Ray

My inner posse describes me as candid + loyal + Nurturing + brave.

I’m an only child (but was raised in a home daycare) and I want a BIG family of my own

I traveled the country at age 16 with a dance troupe (Dancing is my SOUL)

My BIG dreams include: traveling the world with my children to show them how we are all connected + one with this incredible planet and all it’s people...

creating sanctuaries for orphaned animals....

and inviting 100 goats to live in my home


 street cred


Bri McCorkell is an intuitive life coach & healer who helps women all around the globe discover their inner worth & build a life and business that they absolutely LOVE. Bri created her own path at the age of 32 when she left her career in psychology to empower a team of entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry.

Bri helps people transform their personal and professional lives via her workshops, virtual classes and private & group coaching. She’s committed to empowering as many women as possible to see their innate worth AND to never apologize for going after it.

Bri has a MA and CAS in School Psychology and Counseling and a B.A in Communication, Psychology and Spanish from Fairfield University. Bri lives with her husband Rory, their son Holden, daughter June and a menagerie of pets in Newburyport, Massachusetts. You can learn more + connect with Bri at www.brimccorkell.com

Becoming YOU is your purpose.
— Danielle LaPorte